Friday 5 September 2014


Press Release

An exhibition of new work made in and inspired by 6 months in Barcelona.

Carol’s work has often traveled the globe. Four life-size bronzes were recently installed in Barbados; her work is collected in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as the United States and Canada. Closer to home, she shows in Stockholm and Frankfurt, and has had solo shows in The Netherlands, France, Marbella, Athens and Zurich. Carol spent some time painting in Lagrasse, France in 2011 but never before has she taken herself off for 6 months solely to look and work.

“Although you take yourself with you, you leave a lot of your history behind, there is a freedom to that.”

Returning home she brings back with her some of the freedom that she found there in this new and unique body of work. 

“These are the sculptures of my imagination, set free by Catalonia.”

After an incredible year of exhibitions the work now comes home to the studio. There is something special about an open studio, this is her home, this is where the work moves on, where thoughts, not just finished works, are laid open to see. She comes back to Bristol to her 22 years of sculpting history, stories from past works swirl around, there is an identity and a grounding to that but distance can bring clarity.

“Like a leather glove holds the memory of a particular hand, I fit snuggly and happily back into my history and into the changing seasons of our life here, but wherever I live, I always want to remain a tourist, wide eyed and stumbling" 

Open Studio - Bristol Barcelona
6 - 16th November 2014
Private View Thursday 6th November 6 - 9pm
Unit 5.3 Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH
Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm Sunday 11am – 5pm
Information: 07989515172

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