Tuesday 19 August 2014


Not having children I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about my place, where I should live, wether I 'fit in' anywhere so going back through a sketchbook tonight it makes me smile at myself when I adamantly reveal an important idea... that later I forget... then implement... and then later wonder what I am doing contemplating living in the studio...my memory is truly terrible.

I wrote this at the Miro foundation after reading "in the summer of 1956 Miro moved to Mallorca. there he was able to work freely in the studio his close friend the architect Josep Luis Sert had designed for him" note to self read"find property search agency to find me a plot to build a studio, that space to 'work freely' no restrictions, would really like to try work live for a bit, rent out flat straight away before we get reattached"

I find his work difficult to respect. I watched people when I went to the museum and wrote down "people are laughing, is it out of joy or confusion...a little of both". But there is something in the gut of his work that must have filtered through as now when I look at  'Primary Angel' I think I should probably call it " After Miro' it has so much of his work in it.

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