Tuesday 4 March 2014

the everyday

A long time ago some friends of mine Lucy and Duncan had a hell of a time having their first baby, they had lots of complications and it was a risk for Lucy. At the same time one of the royals had a baby, I forget who it was now but there was a huge foray in the paper about it. Many years before this latest one. 

I may have missed the point but to me Lucy was the hero, she had put her health on the line to create life, she should have been in the paper. As many new mothers should be everyday.

A lot of my work touches on this story. 

The sculpture 'Bug' is the same. I chose the title in part to say, although to some we can seem an irritating statistic, if you look closely, like an insect, we are delicate and fragile and beautiful. Some people took bees for granted until they realized in their greed they have harmed the very things that make it all work.

It symbolizes the little people. Its about nature, you and me and the magic of the everyday. 

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