Wednesday 8 December 2010

Acrobats - Plain Girl

These are based on drawings from Circomedia, we held a few circus drawing events there with the Bristol Drawing School. In the first I was trying to make a sculpture literally from one of the drawings. It is a relief and will be cast in bronze before too long. The others, also to be cast in bronze, are free standing.

It is a drawing of a swing, not a real swing, lines are representational rather than functional, gestural rather than accurate.

Plain Girl
You can be plain and still be a plane.
Even the plainest people can be acrobats inside, these pieces are about them/us. 

Plain: ordinary, simple, or unostentatious
Plane: to fly without moving wings or using engines, to glide or soar

Breaking from the Circle?

Having made our lives so complicated, wanting freedom is like the new religion. Freedom is what we have but maybe don't understand. The land of the free and yet we tire ourselves with other things not seeing it, depressed by material desire, getting more, wanting more, forming a circle, getting more, wanting more etc etc

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Carol Peace said...

when I wrote this, originally in my sketchbook, it made me think of song by Amanda Shires - Angels And Acrobats - West Cross Timbers
- or its on spotify

"I aint no angel and I aint no acrobat
but when you love me honey I could fly like that"