Tuesday 25 May 2010

In seeing, seeing more

Day 2 Lido 18 may
Today has been a lesson in ‘ the more you look the more you see’ Just trying to make a ‘simple shape of the pool, or a satisfactory ‘picture’ of some sorts. Started off very enjoyable, difficult though compared to the figure. I have no referance, architecture, spacial relationships can seem abstract, difficult to pin down.
Just working out the shape of the windows and getting pretty frustrated and then, wanting to finish, I suddenly notice more, reflection after reflection. I vaguely pin one thing down and another appears, to tempt but also to confuse but infact the complication of it reveals the structure.

Home to the garden and a rather negative reflection…..

What am I doing here?
I am a sculptor not a painter.
It is paintings that I admire, lust after, stand in awe over but what am I doing here.
This is a painters job.

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